Technical Tip By Mo...

Throttle Cable Fraying

Reason for the Tip:

It seems that whenever you replace your throttle cable, it becomes frayed and hard to get thru the carburator after you remove it a couple of times and soon it becomes impossible. This tip will extend the life of the cables.

How To Do It:

The next time you are buying something from your local auto parts store, pick up a small tube of 'Super Glue' they have setting near the cash registers. Get the smallest size you can get because you are only going to use a couple of drops. The liquid seems to work better than the gel. Install the new cable and mark where you want to cut it off. It's very important to cut it cleanly and not have any wild strands.  You can do this to more than one cable if you want a backup. Next, find a piece of metal, plastic, wood, or nearly anything and drill a small hole in it (large enough for the cable to fit in with ease). Drill the hole about .750" deep. Squeeze the 'Super Glue' into the hole and then dip all your cables in it.