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Drilling Wheels For 3/8" Lugs

Reason :

Most new karts come from the factory with 1/4" wheel lugs. They do this because the kart is designed for a 5HP engine and seldom
attains speeds greater than 50 MPH with little lateral pressure on the lug screws and nuts. As the driver progresses to the larger more
powerful engines and faster classes, the need to increase the safety of these wheels is accomplished by increasing the size of the
lugs and lug nuts to 3/8". If this modification is done correctly, you can end up using your wheels on either a 1/4" or 3/8" hub

How To Do It:

Necessary Tools

Hand Drill

A Hub (front or rear with 3/8" threads for larger screws, use an old junk hub because it will not have threads when finished)

11/32" Drill Bit

Time To Do It (about 15 minutes per wheel)

1.    Bolt the hub onto the wheel that you want to drill.

2.    Locate the 3 larger screw threads in the hub. They should be half the distance between each of the screws that your just used to

    bolt the hub onto the wheel. Use your hand drill with an 11/32" drill bit and drill the hub and wheel. The first wheel you drill you

    will also drill the hub, after that you will only drill the wheel. You can now unbolt the hub and bolt and drill your next wheel. The

    end result should be wheels with 6 equally spaced holes (3 for 1/4" and 3 for 3/8" lugs). Once you get set up, you can drill your

    entire wheel collection in a very short time.