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My name is Bob and I have about a 58 year background in Motorcycle, Gokart, Midget, Sprint, Late Model,  and a number of other types of racing. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the finest engine builders in the country and along with this came a number of National Motorcycle wins. During this period the Gokart evolved. My first kart was a home built kart with a 3.5HP Clinton engine. Man that thing was fast. Well..... at the time it was....... Although I participated as both a rider/driver and builder/mechanic in other forms of racing, my career centered more on the Motorcycle and Gokarts. I can honestly say that during this period I met some of the nicest people in my entire life and it continues even today. I guess thats one of the benefits of racing.

Now Mo is another story. Mo is a cute little 6 pound Pomeranian that seems to never completely get out of trouble. That alone qualified him to be part of our race team so we elected him 'Chairman of the Board'. We realize that this is a strenuous job and Mo would probably need a lot of help, so we agreed to let him hire some of his canine friends to help him. There is Harley, who is a chocolate lab and helps with....... well, were not real sure but he's easy to get along with so we put him in charge of 'Customer Relations'. Bandit, a little MinPin, is always on the lookout for problems so he is in charge of 'Security'. Now Buddy is a cute little fluff-ball that is in charge of the office and also Mo's administrative assistant. Professor Cooter just recently joined Mo's staff and is a very knowledgable Basset Hound that is our R&D Director. With all the 'around the world' traveling Mo does, his staff  decided that he should have some type of protection.  So, they hired a couple of bodyguards,  Decota and Cale.  These two really take their job seriously and have the credentials to back it up. Like the famous brokerage, when they speak, you had better listen.

We are currently in desperate need for a 'Sergeant At Arms', for our board meetings, so if you happen to know of a good candidate, please contact us. Remember, the candidate must be willing to work for Dog Bisquits. Take a look at the pictures of all of our Board Members in the 'Misc. Humor' section.

Our Race Team
Our drivers are Brad Nicosia and Mike Nicosia and both of them have a list of wins that would impress the even the most hardcore critic.

Brad Nicosia:
Brad is the newest member of our team and immediately let everyone know that he was a driver to be reckoned with by winning the 'Daytona Unlimited Race' that is held at the beginning of each year and draws drivers from across the country. He has  continued his winning ways by winning most of the FAS races and capturing the Florida Unlimited Allstars Championship that same year. We are looking forward to some exciting racing from Brad in the future.

Mike Nicosia:
Mike has not been racing quite as long but has an equally impressive resume'. He has won the Florida Unlimited Allstar  points championship  for the past  5 years and along with those championships came numerous local point races. Some of his other accomplishments include winning the Daytona Beach yearly kickoff championship and finishing a solid second place at the 2013 Unlimited Allstar Grand National that was held in Warrensburg, MO. Mike is always considered the person to beat at the local Florida races

Thank you for taking the time to read our bios. We are a small group of racing enthusiast that have a special passion for the 'Unlimited Allstar Racing'. Our soul purpose of creating this web site is to generate enough additional revenue so we can go racing on the weekends. We have formed a small, but very successful, race team and nearly all of our spare time is dedicated to growing this team. Our credentials are fairly impressive for a bunch of good-ol-country boys that  really just want to race and have a good time. Although we prefer UAS racing, we will help promote other kart racing classes. We hope you enjoyed reading about us. The part about the dogs is just part of our warped sense of humor, but the rest of it is accurate. We hope to see you at the UAS races and if we can help you in any way, don't hesitate to ask us.

"Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley

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