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Xcellerator Oil

This oil provides excellent wear
protection and best HP gain of
all currently available kart oils.
However, It is not recommended for
use in cold temperatures.
and is only sold in quarts.
4 Stroke Oil   0w
Qrt   $16.00

Alisyn - ProDrive 21

This family of lubricants covers an operating temperature range of (-140 F to 600 F), offers excellent lubricity, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, resistance to fuel and oxidizers with excellent long-term anti-corrosion characteristics.
4 Stroke Oil   0w

Gal  $55.00

We DO NOT sell cheap oil. Our oils are the best kart oils you can buy
for a high performance engine. They all provide excellant wear protection
and will never be the reason an engine component fails. While they initially
seem expensive, the fact is that, over a period of time, they prove to be
the most inexpensive oil you can put in your engine.

"The Happy Dog Song" by
Scott R. Taylor